episcanpy.pl.rank_feat_groups_stacked_violin(adata, groups=None, n_features=10, groupby=None, key='rank_features_groups', show=None, save=None)

Plot ranking of features using stacked_violin plot (see stacked_violin())


Annotated data matrix.

groups : str or list of str

The groups for which to show the feature ranking.

n_features : int, optional (default: 10)

Number of features to show.

groupby : str or None, optional (default: None)

The key of the observation grouping to consider. By default, the groupby is chosen from the rank features groups parameter but other groupby options can be used. It is expected that groupby is a categorical. If groupby is not a categorical observation, it would be subdivided into num_categories (see stacked_violin()).


Key used to store the ranking results in adata.uns.



Are passed to stacked_violin().